Hairspray Boxes

You’ll Be Thankful After Knowing These Hairspray Packaging Ideas


Hairstyles are updating with the increasing fashion trends. People love to play with their hair and do incredible hairstyles. But, natural hair cannot cope with every hairstyle. Therefore, hairsprays are used to make every hairstyle by keeping hair in place. Many companies are manufacturing these sprays on a vast scale. Each company tries to make hairsprays that are different from competitors. Thus, hairspray manufacturing companies distinguish their hairsprays from the rest by utilizing different fragrances, ingredients, and unique packaging. You can be artistic with the packaging of your hairsprays if you follow the ideas given below.


Drawer-Style Hairspray Packaging

When it comes to hairsprays, two things matter the most. One is the quality of hairsprays and the second is the packaging styles of hairsprays. People are anxious about their hair because harmful chemicals can destroy them. They cannot buy each hairspray to test which one is better of all. Their only focus will be the quality of packaging. If you use drawer-style boxes which are easy to open and close, then chances are there that the customers will be impressed by your packaging. This kind of packaging seems professional and attracts customers.

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These boxes have many benefits. They prevent leakages as they are sealed fully. One can add a window cut to display these boxes on the counters or the shelves of stores. These boxes of hairsprays give a classy appearance. Additionally, one can have these boxes in any shape:

  • Rectangular
  • Triangular
  • Square
  • Hexagonal
  • Pentagon

Hairspray Boxes

Diamond-Shaped Hair Spray Packaging

There is a technique with many benefits which is called the die-cutting technique. One of the significant perks of this technique is that one can cut boxes of any shape. Take the example of a diamond-shaped box for hairsprays. These diamond boxes are available in any shape and size. Moreover, you can get these boxes in a pyramid shape, or plain diamond shape. These boxes seem versatile and differentiate your hairspray from the competitors. Additionally, one can add finishing like coatings, laminations, and printing of colors. These boxes can enhance the customer’s appeal for your hairspray. Different material stocks are available to make these boxes which are:

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Cardstock
  • Bux board


Add A Gifting Factor to Hairspray Packaging

Make such packaging of your hairsprays that people can use as a gift. Many people love to gift cosmetics to makeup lovers, and hairsprays also come in the category of cosmetic products. Add attractive colors to the packaging to attract customers looking for something to gift their loved ones. Moreover, you can add glitters to the packaging to make it more attractive to the customer’s eye. Add silver or gold foiling on the borders of Hairspray Boxes. Customers prefer high-quality packaging when they look for gifts. Try to manufacture packaging that can reflect the quality of your hairspray. In this way, you can attract customers of every kind.


Packaging for Combo Hairspray Deals

Provide variety to customers by offering combo hairsprays packed in branded packaging. This act can boost your sales and increase profits. You can place two or three hairsprays in a hairspray box having inserts and partitions. Furthermore, you can add a window cut on the box to give a glance at your hairspray. Additionally, place other hair products like hair gel, comb, or hair cream together with hairspray to serve customers with a combo deal. This kind of deal is a favorite of people looking for gifts. You can design these combo hairspray boxes in any style.

  • Gable boxes
  • Custom two-piece boxes
  • Hexagonal two-piece boxes

Hairspray Boxes

Glossy Hair Spray Packaging

To give a shiny look to the packaging, add a glossy coating on the box. This coating is applied after completing the printing work. You can apply a glossy coat on the entire packaging box or some portions of the box.

For example, you can apply a glossy coat to the images, graphics, logo, and also on other printed fonts of the box. This will make coated portions more appear than the rest of the box. In this way, this technique works as a highlighter and you can highlight whatever you want. Moreover, you can apply a glossy coat on the entire hair spray box as it prevents light. Therefore, we can say that glossy coating also serves as UV spot coating because it does not absorb light but reflects it.


Emboss Brand Name, And Logo

Don’t forget to maintain your brand identity while designing hairspray boxes packaging. Mention your brand name, logo, tagline, contact, and also other details on the custom Hairspray boxes. These details maintain your brand identity by giving customers a brief intro to your business. Additionally, these details allow customers to connect with you. Emboss the brand name as well as a logo using the embossing technique to give an impressive look to the packaging. Embossing gives a classy and raised texture to the logo and name of the brand.


Consult A Good Packaging Company

Many packaging companies manufacture packaging boxes of your choice. You cannot design and manufacture these boxes on your own. Consult a company that can provide you with high-quality Hairspray Boxes. You must ensure that these boxes are per your requirements and marketing trends. Furthermore, you should prefer eco-friendly packaging materials like cardboard, cardstock, etc. to act more responsibly towards the environment. You can take advantage of the above-mentioned packaging ideas and design versatile boxes for hairsprays.

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