why modern world is changing their style of entertainment


The world is changing at an alarming pace. New technologies, ideas, and innovations are being introduced every day which makes it difficult for the older generation to keep pace with the times. The younger generation on the other end of the spectrum finds it easier to adapt as they grow up in a digitally-driven world where everything is available at their fingertips. People have started preferring watching videos rather than reading news articles or books. The big question is why? Is it because people are more comfortable with watching videos than reading? Or is it because video media offers more interesting content? There are certain trends that have played a major role in influencing how people now consume media. Let’s take a look:

Video Streaming Sites

Like everything in this world, video entertainment is also changing with time. People in the younger generation have become a lot more experimental with the kinds of media they consume. They are more open-minded and it is easier for them to explore new ideas with old conventions. This has led to the rise of internet-based video streaming sites. The main reason for this is that video streaming sites have made it possible for people to access any video content available on the internet. Video-on-demand services allow users to watch prerecorded TV shows, movies, and live sporting events on their computers, mobile devices, and digital media players. Major video streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video are being accessed by an increasing number of people across the world.

Short Videos

Videos used to be uploaded on websites and platforms for as long as people wanted to watch them. Now, people are getting more interested in the short-form content. The number of people who are consuming short videos is increasing at a significant pace. Short video content is achieving a large number of views on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms. These days, people are looking for video content that has a shorter duration. This is one of the reasons why short videos are becoming so popular.

Live Broadcasts

People used to watch videos on their computer or on their mobile devices. But as the world has become more technologically advanced, people are now consuming media through smart televisions. This has led to the rise of live broadcasts. People are watching YouTube, Twitch, and other video-streaming services to watch traditional sports like cricket, football, and golf. Live broadcasts have become a popular way to consume media. The other reason why people are embracing live broadcasts is that they are so convenient. One can watch live broadcasts on any device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, or a smart TV. Live broadcasts are delivering a great experience while saving people the time they used to spend on finding a specific video on YouTube.

Game Streaming Platforms

The gaming industry has also seen a significant transformation in the past decade. People used to play games on personal computers or on gaming consoles like the PS4 or the Xbox One. But now, players are accessing games through streaming platforms. The gaming industry has also experienced a shift in the way people consume media. Gamers are now getting more interested in eSports. This is because streaming platforms like Twitch have become popular for live broadcasting eSports matches. Popular games like “Fortnite,” “PUBG,” and “CSGO” are being played on Twitch.

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