Why Didn’t Facebook Marketplace Accept My Listing?


Recently, when I listed my kid’s clothes, one of my listings wasn’t approved, and I was notified that read, “This listing could violate our policies in selling.” That seemed like a scary warning. When I click on the listing to find more details, it read, “This listing goes against our policies on products that are misleading.” I’m gulping. It isn’t very comforting. At this point, I need to stop to tell you that I was selling a jacket for the winter season, an established brand that rhymes with Mommy Bilfinger.

It recommended that I read their commerce policy, which I did, and I couldn’t find anything that could cause my listing to be unacceptable. Therefore, I took their advice to request a review if I believed they’d given the wrong information. I thought someone might have mistakenly clicked the wrong button while browsing a billion catalogs. Imagine my shock after, within less than 24 hours, I received a notification that my appeal was rejected. I was a bit confused and a bit worried about offending the gods of buy facebook likes. I have a company account with more than 21K followers linked to my personal Facebook account. I was not wanting to make a mistake and possibly lose my account because of some kids’ clothing I wanted to sell.

I added a few more items with a bit of caution initially. Then, I discovered another article from the brand which references Tommy Hilfiger. Did you know? This item was rejected for similar reasons. This helped me get a better idea of what was happening. I speculated that they were likely to deny all products belonging to that particular brand since this brand was incredibly protective of their brand’s trademarked names (which is an appropriate right). I searched the internet to check this theory, and sure enough, I came across many customers who had their items made by Bommy Bilfiger and other brand names rejected. Although I cannot definitively prove why my item was left, it’s plausible. If you encounter this problem, take the thing off the list and then list another item. They’re likely trying to shield themselves from legal trouble, and who is to blame them?

How to Navigate Facebook Marketplace Like a Pro

Facebook is making it simple to post items for sale. However, other selling tools available on Marketplace aren’t as intuitive. Here are some secrets and tips I’ve found to help sellers sell on Facebook more simple:

If you click “You Your Account,” it opens an inventory of everything you’re selling or recently sold. The listings aren’t visible for clicks; however, when they click the black background, it will open an option where you can click to open the listing or delete it, download a shareable URL and view all messages you’ve received regarding the item. This feature is helpful to get links whenever I have a buyer buying a similar thing, and I suspect they’ll be interested in the other items I have listed. I can also check who’s next in line to purchase an item if an unsuccessful offer or locate a message that I’ve closed the wrong way.

If customers click on your profile on commerce, you can show them everything you’re selling currently. This quickly directs customers to similar items if they’re searching for a particular model or brand.

When you send a message through Messenger, it will display a tiny gray circle with an X on the right side to indicate that the message has been sent after the recipient has seen the post and the circular shifts to their profile photo.

Regarding the version for desktop users of Facebook Marketplace, I’ve found that I’m not always able to receive an email or pop-up notification when I get a message. Therefore, I also monitor the top navigation bar to look for reports or statements. The bugs aren’t proving to be a problem in facebook’s app; therefore, it’s possible to use your smartphone to keep track of your listings. There’s a desktop-based Version of Facebook Marketplace. However, I haven’t yet tested it. This could be a solution to fix these bugs.

How to Earn Ratings and Badges

Facebook makes use of a five-star rating system for evaluating sellers. After you’ve earned five stars, you’ll be displayed to potential buyers. Be a good customer service professional to do high reviews.

There are two seller badges available to increase the confidence of buyers. One badge is a “very prompt badge.” To get it, you must respond to most messages within one hour. Another badge is called the “community suggested badge.” I’m wearing the latter, but I didn’t know how I earned it, so I looked into their Marketplace policies and discovered it was the sole thing that mentioned that it was available to all. It’s a good thing I’m part of an unidentified club. I’m not sure why I joined it. If I were to guess, I’d think it’s a relic from their previous rating system.

How to Stay Safe Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Go through your profile on Facebook and determine what information is publicly available. Make any necessary changes in your privacy preferences before listing any information.

Accept cash only for purchases. This will prevent money orders, check gift cards, and PayPal fraud. Also, purchasing one of those markers that fit counterfeit bills is not a bad idea.

Only ship items when Facebook handles the payment process on your behalf. One of the most popular online scams is to cancel a payment when the thing is in the process of being shipped.

Always look up the profile of any potential buyer before you sign a contract. This can let you know whether they are actually local or even the possibility of having mutual acquaintances.

Gather in a public space. We usually meet at the local police station. And always make sure to notify dispatch that we’re coming. You should include someone else and make arrangements for your rendezvous at daylight times.

Don’t share any personal information that’s not required. Buyers shouldn’t be necessarily aware of your address, the people you are with, or any other information about you.

Why I Like Facebook Marketplace better than Craigslist

Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are identical in providing free online classifieds. However, I prefer Facebook Marketplace better for a few reasons. The first is that since all messages are on Facebook, you don’t need to worry about many spammy emails within your inbox. Furthermore, since buyers must be Facebook members to communicate with you, you can browse your profiles and get a better idea of the people you’re dealing with (and whether or not you have a connection with them). This can help to identify fraudsters and odds.

As you can also post the sale on Facebook Marketplace, I’m confident for me to tell my partner and I have finished trying to sell our stuff on Craigslist.

More than 10 million active users were on Facebook at the time in 2020.

Don’t believe that Facebook ads aren’t working. With the revenues mentioned earlier, and the number rising quite consistently over the past year, advertisements aren’t going away anytime soon.

In this report, there is an interesting factoid that Instagram is currently experiencing a higher CPC than Facebook ($0.86 instead of. $0.57). Instagram has also seen higher conversion rates than its parent business (8.07 percent against. 6.57 percent).

The way that people on Marketplace are keen to purchase ads is a natural part of their consumer experience. Yet, this study is not encouraging shortly for Stories-centered advertisements (0.4 percent).

Facebook engagement statistics

The Facebook algorithm has been the source of anger among many advertisers. Fortunately, the platform has shed light on what users see and how they can improve visibility.

From recommended content to ads and more, this information shows how an average person’s attention is drawn.

The posts that take people off Facebook reduce their visibility. This is why it’s crucial to use videos, images, and everything else that will keep users on Facebook.

Companies looking to expand their reach on Facebook face a difficult task when they rely solely on organic content. Still, data suggests that engagement is higher on Facebook when compared to Twitter. Utilizing engaging posts, like content for employee advocacy polls, contests, or polls, will ensure that you reap the benefits of this statistic.

Facebook feature statistics

So, what kind of content do you need to post? What types of features are growing, and what are not?

For a final wrap-up to wrap things up, we’ll go over some Facebook statistics that break down some of the critical capabilities.

Live and Watch are growing, but they’re not achieving the same level of engagement as traditional Facebook video posts receive click here.

Messenger is often neglected when we speak of Facebook, yet it’s a vital component of the platform and is one of the most frequently used by users, according to this report by Statista.

In the end, Facebook Stories followed Instagram and quickly became one of the most-loved features, as per Facebook, the social media giant.

How do you interpret these Facebook stats to mean to you?

More than any other time, it’s the time to place your Facebook profile under scrutiny.

Whatever you’re doing on Facebook, it’s an important platform with an enormous base of users and plenty of potentials. Engagement via advertisements, organic posts, and everything in between is essential.

We hope that these Facebook figures will guide your approach in the proper direction. These insights and an improved understanding of your top Facebook metrics will help you reach the audience your business deserves.


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