What Makes Audi S3 The Best Luxury Sedan

What Makes Audi S3 The Best Luxury Sedan?


The automobile industry has been growing and making immense progress in recent times. Technological advancement is a basic reason; however, the boost in car access is another reason. People do not need to save for their lives to afford a car but can easily bear the rental cost. Even then, the greatest hurdle for many is choosing the absolute best car.

You can pick a car according to your need or the type of occasion. Luxury sedans are perfect for the everyday commute as well as for long trips. One of the most popular luxury sedans in current times is the Audi S3. It does not only promise a high-quality ride with eye-catching interior and exterior details but numerous other luxury features.

Get into the details of this article to explore and learn about the features which make Audi S3 the best luxury sedan and rent one to experience it yourself.

Top 6 Details That Make Audi S3 the Best Luxury Sedan

Audi has been known as a decent and comfortable everyday ride for a long time. However, it has been creating waves and getting the attention of luxury car lovers recently due to Audi S3. It is one of the best luxury models by the brand and has too much to offer. The quality and performance of the drive are exceptional, but there are numerous other details that make it the best.

Here are the major details that make Audi S3 the best luxury sedan and a perfect fit for the everyday ride.

Sport Suspension

The sport suspension is the most remarkable detail that makes Audi S3 the absolute best luxury sedan. It boosts the overall speed and performance of the car, in addition to offering sharp handling. It adds more thrill and excitement to the ride while not compromising comfort and luxury. In short, it allows sports and luxury at the same, which is the best combination. It motivates people to contact luxury car Abu Dhabi for renting Audi S3 to experience joy.

Audi Drive Select

One of the major highlights of the Audi S3 is the Audi drive select feature. It allows the drivers to change and adjust steering, suspension, transmission, and throttle response settings according to their preferences. The drivers can even opt for a specific mode out of auto, comfort, individual and dynamic. Most sedans or other luxury cars do not come with such customizable details. This is why Audi S3 is the absolute best, and you must experience it at least once.

Wireless Charging Pad

There is too much to plan and prepare before heading out on a long journey. Some people get too anxious about forgetting something that they stick to a daily checklist of essentials. One such essential on the list everyone is the charging cable, which they still forget somehow. If you are riding Audi S3, you do not need to worry about forgetting or keeping the charging cables. The wireless charging pad will offer a seamless and less tangled solution.

Bang & Olufsen Sound System

One of the most remarkable highlights of the Audi S3, which makes it a true luxury sedan, is the bang & Olufsen sound system. It comes with fifteen speakers and sixteen channel amplifier, which is the dream of any music lover. You will be able to get the feel of listening to music in a concert hall while sitting in the comfortable seats of your car. You can enjoy a personalized concert whenever and wherever you want to rent and ride Audi S3.

Audi Virtual Cockpit Plus

Audi virtual cockpit plus is the most impressive feature of the Audi S3, which makes it the absolute best luxury sedan. The digital instrument cluster is customizable, and you can explore and review all the detailed information right before you. The 12.3 HD display makes it look even more impressive and clearer. So, you do not have to turn your head right or left to explore the maps or search for any destination, but you can handle it smoothly without batting an eye.

Audi Smartphone Interface

The last and most attractive detail of the Audi S3, which makes it the best luxury sedan, is the Audi smartphone interface. The wireless android auto and Apple CarPlay allow the riders to connect the phone and access the apps smoothly. You can play the music of your choice or listen to the podcast on Spotify, or even use maps or messages. Contact rental dealers to rent Audi S3 and make your daily ride to work more productive, fun, and enjoyable.

Are you eager to explore rides of the Audi S3?

You can only believe the best quality rides once you experience them yourself. Do not waste any time and get in touch with the best Audi car rental dealers to book yours now, before it is too late and the car is unavailable.

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