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What Hair Color Do Men Find More Attractive on Women?


Men have their preferences. When it comes to girls, they know what they want. Men have some ideal specifications for girls, whether the color of the eyes or the hair. 

It’s difficult to say that a man will like a girl with curves or someone petite. Have you wondered what hair color they find most attractive? Once again, it’s difficult to generalize. But we have noted down the preferences of different men right here. 

Read on to find out what men like and whether you need to grab a herbal natural black hair shampoo or a gold one. Yes, you read that right! These days you get easy-to-apply and pocket-friendly hair color shampoos that can be used for up to 10 applications. Think about all the money you will get to save! 

Go Brunette! 

Remember Miranda from Sex and the City? Well, any brown shade of hair gives out the impression that a woman is not afraid to speak her mind. Some men like it when a woman makes bold choices and isn’t afraid of being herself. 

While this may sound like a generalization made for a brunette woman, the truth is some men perceive brunettes as being honest and truthful. 

Wild Redheads 

As per a survey, men think redheads are wild and physically attractive. She looks dazzling and beautiful when the sun hits this woman’s hair. 

Men think redheads know how to have a good time. But this is not to say that blondes or brunettes don’t have a good time. 

A group of men was asked what they liked about redheads, they answered that every redhead they had met had been very sassy. Perhaps men like the fun element in a redhead. She comes across as someone who won’t mind going club hopping but also chases her dreams fiercely. 

Black Magic Woman

Wouldn’t it be amazing to date a black-haired girl? Men believe that women with black hair have no artificial color, so they are open to new things and like to think outside the box. 

A proverb in Germany says that opposites attract, so men think women with opposite color hair (black or dark-colored) hair is attractive. 

Black looks gorgeous on pale skin, so most men prefer this simplistic yet beautiful color on women. 

Adventurous Blonde Girls 

It’s heart-wrenching that there are movies where men think blonde women are slow and stupid. That’s not correct! We saw a movie called ‘Legally Blonde’ where the woman chases a man but becomes a successful lawyer. 

Blonde girls come across as wild and adventurous. As per a group of men, blonde girls are easier to talk to, and one finds them attractive just because all the good-looking pop stars are mostly blonde. Perhaps that’s what makes them attractive to most men. 

Men and Their Preferences

It’s amazing how women and men have their preferences. All of us have a definition of attractive in our heads. Some people fall for physical appearance, which strikes the first time. 

Women also look for certain features in a man. You can’t deny that physical appearances do matter in today’s time; at least, that’s the first thing you notice when you meet a person. 

While every girl has some positive attributes, you must also pay attention to a woman’s personality and not just the way they look. 

Coloring Your Hair is Easy

It’s easy to color one’s hair in today’s time. You can get a hair color shampoo and lovely locks in no time. 

This is not to say that you have to change yourself for a man, but coloring hair is fairly easy. You can leave the hair color shampoo on for a few minutes and come out of the shower cubicle looking like a million bucks. 

Whether it’s black, brown, red, or blonde – you will find all kinds of hair color shampoos these days. These are pocket-friendly, too, because they come in bottled form. You can apply them to your hair and look like a total snack. 

If you want to experiment with different hair colors, now is the time. Use a hair color shampoo. The beauty of today’s world is that you can change your appearance whenever you like. All thanks to products like hair color shampoos that are easy to use and super pocket-friendly. 

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