Customization Options for Custom Two-Piece Gift Rigid Boxes


The two-piece rigid gift box features a flat panel that can be easily customized. With a bit of creativity, you can add a logo and instructions. This type of packaging is a simple design, so it will make it easier for you to personalize it and make it unique for your business.

Customizations for two-piece gift rigid boxes

There are a number of customizations that you can make for your Custom two-piece gift rigid boxes. You can choose the style of the box, the material used, and the printing method. For instance, you can print your logo or the product information on the box. You can also add a caution or ingredient label. And you can even customize the box base with a soft-touch matte lamination or aqueous coating. In addition, you can choose inserts and ribbons for closure.

When designing custom boxes, consider what the recipient would like to receive. For instance, some businesses want to give away their products as gifts, while others want to be environmentally friendly. These companies demand eco-friendly packaging that will last long. The right box can add a lot to the overall customer experience.

The size and shape of your box are also factors to consider. Some companies offer custom-made rigid boxes that are the perfect size and shape for your product. They are also available in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the color and style that best fits your needs. If you want to go for an elegant look, consider rigid boxes with lids.

High-end magnetic closure


High-end magnetic closure for two-piece gift rigid boxes offers both luxury and protection for gift items. This packaging style is incredibly versatile and can be customized to meet specific needs. You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and printing styles. You can also choose a custom color theme to further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your products.

High-end magnetic boxes utilize premium rigid material like a Box board with cardboard finishing, or eco-friendly kraft. The material used is chosen to meet the needs of your audience: durability, product safety during shipping, and stock and after-sale storage. Additionally, these magnetic boxes are print-friendly and customizable.

2 piece rigid boxes

Another option for custom gift packaging is a two-piece flap closure. This design is similar to a traditional flip-top box, but the top flap folds down to meet the base lid. The two-piece flap closure reduces the height of the top lid, making it easier to open. Custom stickers can also be added to seal the flaps.

High-end foil stamping


High-end foil stamping is an option that adds distinction and a rich feel to two-piece gift rigid boxes. It can be used to package various products, such as luxury goods or photographic prints. The elegant look and feel of these boxes are sure to impress the recipient. They also function as versatile storage and retail-ready packaging options.

The process of high-end foil stamping begins with a custom design. The ink is placed onto the box and then cured by Ultraviolet light, creating a glossy finish. This technique ensures that the graphic design is clean and crisp while keeping the box’s appearance luxurious. The process also incorporates spot UV printing, a type of high-end finish that adds a contemporary look. This process creates a hard, glossy finish that makes dull surfaces pop.

Foil stamping on two-piece gift rigid boxes can be applied in gold or silver to add elegance and sophistication. The most popular form of foil stamping is gold. Foil can be in any color and has an almost limitless range of optical effects. Gold foil is one of the most common foil colors used for luxury gift packaging.

High-end embossing

High-end embossing on rigid boxes gives a product a more luxurious feel and creates an appealing visual contrast. The subtle difference in the surface texture of the box also adds to the impression of luxury. For instance, embossed leather couch covers are considered to be more luxurious than ordinary couches.

Luxury goods manufacturers often have ample budgets to print their own custom designs on these boxes. They may also opt to incorporate metallic closures or ribbon pulls in their packaging. They are durable and maintain their looks even after repeated uses. These boxes are ideal for presenting variable items and can help to enhance the presentation in retail stores.

2 piece rigid boxes

Two-piece gift rigid boxes are versatile packaging options. The separate base and lid are ideal for showcasing premium products. The packaging also lends support to marketing efforts by creating excitement for the customer during unboxing. Packaging can supply you with wholesale gift boxes to suit your needs.


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