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Top 5 Gyms in Greenwich London


Finding the right gym for your fitness journey can be something you can do with a simple google search in your area. But it is more than just searching a query. You need to check and compare the services, working hours, and benefits a gym offers. Greenwich is one of the most demanding areas in London regarding gyms and fitness centers. People often check reviews and make their decision. But you need to determine many factors like location, parking, trainers, equipment and more. All your questions will be answered related to finding the right gym in Greenwich London, so you get the most value for your gym membership.

Here are the top 5 gyms in Greenwich London.

1. Meridian Fitness

Meridian fitness offers numerous workouts and training sessions that are custom designed for the members. The latest gym equipment, free weights and treadmills power your workouts. Utilise personal trainers’ knowledge to leverage your efforts and speed up your fitness journey. You get information for everything from diet to workout. A dedicated person is your point of contact for any queries and communication with the gym.

Also, Meridian fitness offers kids classes too, so they train and stay fit. Gym memberships are divided into three types which are as follows.


  • Meridian Off-peak £29.99
  • Meridian Platinum £39.99
  • Meridian Classic £49.99

These membership plans include access to training classes, a sauna steam room, a HIT studio and the gym. Meridina off-peak memberships can be your best bet if you come to workout between 9 AM to 4 PM Monday to Friday.

Meridian fitness conducts training classes that include cardio, muscle building, strength and conditioning of your body. No matter what your fitness goal is Meridian fitness has got your back.

2. Greenwich Training

Greenwich training is a gym that specializes in online, group training and one-to-one training. Personal training experience with top coaches allows you to streamline your journey toward goals. You get a personalized training experience that aligns perfectly with your body type and your routine. Though you have the option to go with the group training if you are training with your companion. Only 6 persons are allowed in a group session. Enjoy flexible and redesigned workouts by expert trainers. Greenwich training has dedicated support for your queries that you can access from anywhere.

Greenwich training pricing starts from £20 per hour for the small group training sessions. And if you are going with the personal training option it will cost you approximately around £60 per hour and online training goes as high as £100 per month.

3. The Gym

The Gym is a popular fitness brand located in Greenwich London. The reason it made it to the top 5 gyms is the low cost and 24/7 access to the gym. The gym group offers free weight workouts and machines to pursue your fitness goals. There are a number of classes you can join depending on your fitness goals. You can join the gym membership just for £24.99 a month. And there are contracts that bind you to the gym for months. You can even get a 1 or 3 days gym pass for £9.99 that works for one or more consecutive days.

The gym offer three different types of membership deals

Student membership for £209.00 for 9 months with no joining fee. It includes free classes, unlimited training, discount deals and access to 2 gyms.

A normal membership costs £24.99 per month. It includes a free fitness app, bigger discounts, free classes, and multi-gym access.

4. Puregym Greenwich

Puregym Greenwich gym offers a no-contract membership with low prices. You can leave your membership anytime you want. Puregym has 320+ branches nationwide. You have the choice to choose from different pieces of training held by the puregym. Cardio, yoga, and functional strength classes are some of the most popular classes people join.

Puregym Greenwich helps people in an effective way to follow a healthier lifestyle every day. The gym environment is a friendly and judgement-free place where anybody is welcome to do the workouts and leave in a happy mood.

5. Anytime Fitness

Anytime fitness gym located in the center of Greenwich. You can join Anytime Fitness and take advantage of a professional gym with the latest types of equipment and advanced workouts. The best thing about anytime fitness gym is 24/7 access to the gym and free on-site parking which is quite rare in London. All these features make it join the list of top 5 gym in Greenwich London for its ease of access, affordable pricing and the latest equipment and techniques.

You can try a number of workouts. Do your cardio with treadmills, use free weights for strength building and spin bikes to keep your heart rate high. Use any weight of dumbbells, squat racks to power your squats and quads, and barbells for some heavy deadlifting. It all sounds great but it does not stop here. There’s also a functional training centre that includes rope training and medical balls for your training.


Now that you have names of the top 5 gyms in the Greenwich. And Meridian fitness is topping the chart for the value it is providing to its members. Though, you need to dive into the features, services, and perks every gym is providing. You can also check the review of existing members of a gym to get a better idea. Members usually mention the things they like or the things they don’t like about a gym. It makes you well aware of what to expect from a gym. Finalize your decision based on the information you have gathered and kill your workouts like it is meant to be.


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