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Chris Dolan, the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Sezzle merchants, wrote this article as a guest. According to a SalesCycle survey, 78.4% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Consistently, unpredictable shipping costs or delivery schedules are mentioned as the root factor. It’s fortunate that you’re reading this since it means you know Sezzle merchants can help you with those problems.

Sensitivity to Price or Sticker Shock

Price sensitivity, commonly referred to as sticker shock, is the second most typical reason for cart abandonment, nevertheless. Sticker shock occurs when a customer sees the entire cost of the products in their shopping cart from a Sezzle seller and decides not to finish their transaction.

How to Avoid Sticker Shock

What should consumers do to prevent sticker shock when Sezzle merchants handle unforeseen shipping costs? One possible answer to this problem is the creation of a brand-new type of alternative payment mechanism, specifically a payment plan that does not incur interest.

Fewer Payment Options Result In Fewer Sales

You might be losing out on more sales than you now realise if you do not provide your consumers with a variety of payment methods. The fact that customers are leaving their shopping carts empty could be costing you sales even if you have great products, stunning product pages, a well-designed website, and an effective marketing effort bringing traffic to your Sezzle merchants.

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Where are they heading and for what reason? Do you ever wish your conversion rate were higher? Or you had more things in your basket overall. If you, as a retailer, only accept traditional forms of payment. You are missing the possibility to attract a surprisingly substantial share of younger shoppers.

Draw in Millennial Customers

The fact that you only accept traditional credit card payments from customers who fall into the millennial demographic may be a significant factor in the high percentage of shopping cart abandonment that Sezzle businesses report. According to the information given by Bankrate, only one in three millennials in the United States now have a credit card.

One in five people between the ages of 23 and 27 who participated in ID Analytics’ 2016 study reported having their credit applications repeatedly declined. These facts must be taken into account by businesses as they develop strategies to give young adults other payment options in order to reduce the number of cards that customers leave behind.

A Contemporary Approach to the Common Layaway System

It has been prove that offering financing options to customers at the point of sale can assist businesses in boosting their Sezzle merchant’s income. You might recall the famous informational pitch that went something like this: “This item can be yours for just four convenient instalments of $XX!”

It Has Withstood Time’s Test

Because it works, it has withstood the test of time. However, the bulk of point-of-sale financing alternatives has historically cost consumers interest or fees, making it a potentially bad deal for clients who utilise these services.

Modern fintech businesses are creating payment methods that let customers spread out the cost of their purchases over a longer time keeping without paying any extra fees or interest, like Sezzle merchants. As a result, both the retailers and the customers benefit from the situation.

Describe Sezzle

A payment platform called Sezzle Merchants, which was introduced in 2016. Enables businesses to offer a wide range of alternative payment alternatives to clients. Sezzle might be compare to a “reverse layaway” or an “instant layaway” in terms of online buying.

Sezzle will make four equal, interest-free payments totalling the purchase price.

Customers contribute 25% of the total purchase price to Sezzle merchants at the time of purchase. And Sezzle pays the merchant the whole amount up front, less a small processing fee.

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How Does It Operate?

Sezzle will then automatically deduct the final three payments from the client’s account in the form of biweekly instalments spaced out over a period of six weeks after the retailer ships the item to the consumer.

What Benefits Does Sezzle Provide?

Sezzle, which has partnered with more than 2,000 shops to make it available, is the provider of this payment option. Sezzle is increasing basket sizes by 41% and sales by 10% as a result. Customers can make several instalments to stretch out the expense of their purchase while still using it right away.

The merchants are reimbursing in advance and receive a portion of the additional revenue without taking any of the risks. It’s a situation where everyone benefits! Find out more about the connection between Sezzle and ShipStation right away!

Scale back and cut outsized costs

As buy now, pay later model consolidation continues, sezzle. A payments network that has more users will be more appealing to US retailers, according to Zip Co, which claimed that its all-scrip acquisition of sezzle promo code will contribute to its acceleration of profitability. By the fiscal year 2024, the corporation has promised to achieve positive cash earnings. According to co-founder Larry Diamond, Zip is making the necessary progress toward sustainable development.

In order to accelerate growth on the back of the acquisition of Sezzle, a company focusing on the United States, Zip is financing $200 million through a placement and share purchase plan. This is do in the buy now, pay later industry’s race to scale and minimise bloat expenses. This follows Zip’s earlier disclosure that it had bought Sezzle. According to zipping, Sezzle is now worth $491 million as a result of the transaction.

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