Mobile Application Wonders That Your Website Can't Do

Mobile Application Wonders That Your Website Can’t Do


Modern-day businesses can’t survive long without viable digital assets like websites and mobile applications. Various companies follow and implement this statement: A website is enough to cater to your online needs and no need for developing a mobile app. However, the story is different now! There are numerous elements that a website fails to offer, and a mobile app can give you a narrow escape. The debate of mobile applications VS websites is trending these days, and we have picked a striking point from this debate. This post will reveal mobile application wonders that your website can’t do. Isn’t it interesting? Let us find out more!

Top 5 Mobile Application Wonders:

A native mobile application for your brand can offer different functionality than web interfaces, and you know it better. However, your priority is to provide a streamlined user experience for your online visitors. What would work best; a mobile app or a website? There are a few things that a website can’t do, but having a mobile app will help you go through these tasks. Here is a list of these things, and we have named them “wonders.” Let us explore the list!

1. Device-specific features:

The best thing about using a mobile application? Users can access and use various device-specific features not accessible on a desktop or website. The best example is zoom-in or zoom-out on your smartphone when navigating a particular page. Here are a few features that can make a mobile application work better than a website, for instance:

  • Screenshots
  • Camera
  • Dictionary
  • GPS
  • Touchscreen
  • Autocorrect

A screenshot is probably the most in-demand thing, as you can use the snap later without interrupting your navigation. These features can help users reduce time to perform simple tasks and boost convenience, which would not have been possible in the case of a website.

2. Offline usage:

Although not found in every app, offline usage is a prime advantage mobile application offer. Native mobile apps often require internet access to perform tasks; the modern-day trend is changing the story. Users can access and use various features and content in offline mode; however, it will take some time for implementation.

Let us talk about a health and fitness application. Users can access content like a diet plan, calorie chart, and types of exercises without having an internet connection. Isn’t it a fab feature? Do you want to increase your brand’s visibility and provide users convenience through a mobile app? Consider hiring the best companies for mobile app development Dubai and let expert developers help you!

3. Ease of personalization:

Do you want to offer your online visitors a highly personalized interface? A mobile application can help your cause! A native mobile app offers you the liberty to personalize user experience using various determinants like:

  • User preferences
  • Location
  • Usage patterns

Besides, a mobile application allows users to personalize the app’s appearance as per their preferences. When you search for this specific feature on a website, you will barely find it. Why not allow your users to take advantage of this personalization thing with your mobile app?

4. Better loading speed:

A well-designed mobile application can run faster than the mobile version of a website, and it is true! A website usually uses a server to retrieve data which takes a little longer than a mobile app which typically uses local device storage. Data extraction is comparatively easier in mobile applications than in websites, giving them an edge!

Mobile applications can save users time by performing according to their preferences. They perform better technologically as native code languages are more efficient than mobile website languages like JavaScript. Do you want to offer your online users a better navigation and loading speed with your mobile app? Consider developing one by hiring expert mobile app development companies like SpiralClick W with tons of experience in the game!

5. Brand visibility:

Your brand logo on the home screen of a consumer’s smartphone will remind him of your business. It is quite the opposite of having a mobile version of a website that carries no logo that can be stored on the screen. Moreover, consumers often dedicate a lot of time to mobile app interaction, which is a positive aspect.

A brand logo on a smartphone screen will act as a mini-ad for your business, reminding consumers of your business. Brand visibility can get full marks in the case of a native application than a website. Be strategic in your approaches to drive more sales!

Grab the unique advantages of a mobile app today!

A native mobile application can offer you lots of unique business advantages. It’s high time you contact a reliable mobile app development company such as and ask these experts to develop a viable mobile app for your brand. Why not beat your competitors in every aspect to drive more sales and take your brand name to the next level? It makes sense!

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