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Low-Contact Methods To Enjoy Panera During Social Isolation


Our Panera Delivery family consists of employees, customers, and the communities we serve. The health, safety, and general well-being of our family, as well as yours, is our primary focus at all times.

When circumstances and patterns change, we may find ourselves attempting novel and unexpected activities. Now, as always, Panera Delivery is devoted to providing you with a nutritious meal made with fresh ingredients. To help you enjoy your Panera favourites in a manner that protects you and others, we’ve made certain operational adjustments. As we all accept social distance, we would like to introduce you to our meal delivery, drive-through, and Rapid Pickup services.

Since this scenario is in a continual state of change, we advise everyone to remain up-to-date on the most recent guidelines issued by the CDC, WHO, and local health departments, and to adhere to their expert guidance.

Panera Bread Money-Saving Hints

Sign up for MyPanera and use a Panera Promo Code from your email newsletter to earn a discount on your next online purchase for pickup or delivery.

Get three months of unlimited free coffee and tea at Panera Bread. This deal is accessible to new Panera Bread Unlimited Sip Club members. After the first three months, $8.99 a month will be charged to keep the membership.

Whether you are redeeming your three free months or are a paid member of the Unlimited Sip Club, you are entitled to a free cup of your preferred beverage every two hours for as long as you remain in the café. This is ideal if you have school or college assignments to do or online duties to complete for employment.

Join the MyPanera rewards program for free. If you connect to your account before each transaction at a Panera Delivery location while ordering on the app for pickup or in-store dining, your purchases will be logged. Then, you will earn points. Once you hit a certain point threshold, you may get a discount on your next Panera Bread purchase.

Presenting Delivery

We were one of the first fast-casual restaurants to provide our Panera Delivery service if you’ve never used it before.

In the “Delivery Instructions” section of the order form, you may choose the optimal location for us to leave your meal. Electronic tipping is also available throughout the checkout process.

When our drivers come with your meal, they will phone you to check the order’s correctness and the location where they should leave it.

We also strive to make meal Panera Delivery as smooth as possible. Whether via our delivery service or one of your preferred third-party delivery services such as DoorDash, Grubhub, or Uber Eats, we strive to make it as simple as possible for you to eat clean during this time.

Several last suggestions upon receipt of your delivery order are:

  • The packing must be discarded promptly.
  • After disposing of packaging, you must wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Disinfect tables and countertops before and after meals.
  • You may make delivery orders online or through the Panera Bread mobile app.

How To Retrieve Your Rapid Pick-Up Takeout Orders Securely

Rapid Pick-Up is a terrific method to save time and reduce the need to connect with others while cafés stay open.

We provide the option of placing a to-go order and then grabbing it for takeout as Panera Delivery is a speedy method to get food.

To protect yourself and others as much as possible while visiting one of our cafes to place an order, we urge that you adhere to the social distancing best practices outlined in the cafe’s instructions. When collecting your order, please:

  • Maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from other customers.

Use Soap And Water To Wash Your Hands Before And After Leaving The House

Use your upper arm, elbow, or a tissue to cover your coughs and sneezes, and dispose of tissues quickly.

And if you are ill, please utilize our meal Panera Delivery service rather than going inside to pick up your order.

New Panera Curbside, Express Ordering, And Pickup

With our new curbside service, you may also order and pick up your Panera Delivery favourites without ever leaving your vehicle. Simply arrange curbside pickup and press “I’m Here” upon arrival. We will shortly be delivering your meal.

Drive-Thru Available When Available

While not all Panera Delivery locations offer drive-thrus, when accessible, drive-thru ordering is a safer alternative to entering the café.

Even though you will not be talking with the general public, you will still be communicating with a coworker at the window, so you should be cautious of the standard precautions associated with frequent disinfection.

What else is Panera doing to boost food safety during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Given our existing circumstances, we have made some significant measures to improve cleaning standards and food Panera Delivery safety. These measurements include the following:

  • Reiterate our cleanliness and sickness rules to our employees.
  • Improving cleaning and sanitation procedures at our bakery cafés.
  • Increasing cleaning frequency and cleaning with peroxide solution in high-touchpoint areas.
  • Developing methods for determining an employee’s fitness to return to work following a personal trip.
  • Restricting business travel by air and train for associates.
  • Adding hand sanitiser dispensers to all bakery cafés over the next several weeks.
  • Adding antimicrobial coverings to newly arrived Fast Lane Kiosks.
  • Implementing an emergency PTO policy to allow employees who are ill to remain at home.
  • Closing orders for delivery, drive-thru, and Rapid Pick-Up to preserve your food further.

View our official COVID-19 response for further information and updates on the efforts we’re taking. This page will updated when new information and rules become available.

Food Strategies While Maintaining Social Distance

Obtaining food safely is a practical difficulty in light of the measures individuals are now taking to practice social separation.

We will continue to offer you Panera Delivery service as safely as possible. For individuals who can stock up and cook more at home, you may read our post on socially distant recipes.

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