Top 5 Ways Front and Rear Windscreens Are Different

In What Ways Rear and Front Windscreens Differ?


To give a complete look and improved visibility to the passengers and driver of a car, there are two windscreens. One is at the front, and the other is at the rear side, both providing some functionalities and serving a purpose. The functionalities of these screens are compromised and affected if they get damaged. For their repair and replacement, one needs to understand the differences between the two.

These two types of screens are not only different from one another with respect to the position they have on your car, but there are several other things that differentiate them. Based on the damage that occurs to these screens, the type of procedures opted to repair them will also differ. These procedures differ because of the difference in the quality of the glass installed and for other reasons you will learn in this article.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with the ways front and rear windscreens differ from one another.

Top 5 Ways Front and Rear Windscreens are Different

The front and rear windscreens of a car are also differentiated by the names laminated and tempered screens. But there are several other differences other than the type of glass, which is a must for you to know to ensure they are taken care of well when a replacement is required.

Following are a few ways front and rear windscreens differ from one another in various aspects and from a replacement perspective.

1) Type of glass

One of the major and prominent differences between the front and back windscreens is the type of glass used. The type of glass used in the front screen is different and is made of laminated glass. On the contrary, the rear screen is made of tempered glass, which is a little delicate and thin. No matter what type of glass is used, its care is important, and any damage to the screen will need an expert to deal with it. People usually prefer the replacement windscreen London located services to replace either of the screens effortlessly.

2) Cost of the glass

Both the front and rear windscreens are crucial to ensure your safety, and they have to be in good condition to provide you with all the benefits they offer. But the importance of the front screen in contributing to cars’ and your safety is higher, which is why the glass is also very expensive. Not only is the glass expensive, but the cost of replacing the front glass is higher than the cost of the rear screen. Such higher costs are the reasons people are always careful to keep the front windscreen safe from any type of damage.

3) Available features

The number of available features and elements on the front and rear windscreen are different from one another and provide different functionality. When we compare the features of the front screen, the most common element we will see are the wiper blades which play a significant role in screen cleaning and safety. Similarly, some vehicles also have certain additional features like defrosters on the rear screen. These numbers and types of features will differ according to the type of car you own.

4) Time is taken for replacements

How much time it would take to replace either of the screens depends upon the skills and the abilities of the person responsible for the replacement. But to replace the rear windscreen, the time is taken higher than the time taken to replace the front screen. It is because of the difference in the quality of the two glasses. Due to the thinness of the rear glass, its likelihood of shattering is higher, and you have to spend a great amount of time cleaning the frame before replacements compared to the front screen.

5) Replacement procedures

One of the most prominent differences between these two windscreens types is how they are replaced. The replacement procedures for the front screen differ from those required for the rear screen. Due to the thinness of the rear glass, the shattering of glass is common, and deep cleaning of the frame becomes a must. On the contrary, the front screen does not require an intense cleaning procedure. But it is to ensure that cleaning the frame is crucial before replacement, and one must not ignore this step. You can also hire windscreen replacement services to make quick and correct replacements when required.

Hire the experts to deal with the car windscreen!

It is important for you to know that both the rear and front windscreens play their part in ensuring your safety while driving or riding in a car. It is important for you to take care of these two screens if you wish to enjoy the benefits they offer. You should always consider hiring windscreen experts if any type of damage occurs to either of the screens so that they are repaired or replaced as needed.

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