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How to Treat Piles Without Surgery?


Often referred to as Haemorrhoids (Piles), it is a condition resulting from lumps or veins bulging in one’s anus or rectum. These lumps may cause irritation and bleeding in the walls of the veins. There are essentially two types of Piles- Internal (those that appear inside the anal canal), and External (which develop at the end of the anus). Doodle Folks

Experts recommend medical surgeries for the best results to treat piles and to gain freedom from this in the long run. The surgeries are effective, and a safe option. However, if one does not wish to undergo surgery, there are several ways to treat piles without surgery. Read more to find out about these ways and some of the best piles doctor in Lucknow.

Some ways one can prevent or even treat piles at home include-

  • Consume substantial amounts of fluid and fiber.
  •  paracetamol is prescribed for the pain.
  • Take a hot shower to ease the itching.
  • Include exercise in your routine.
  • Avoid caffeinated foods and drinks.
  • Do not aggressively wipe your bottom.
  • Any painkillers consisting of codeine should be avoided since they cause constipation.
  • If you have bleeding piles, do not take ibuprofen.

Several doctors and gastroenterologists in Lucknow recommended methods of treating piles without surgery. They are:

  1. Sclerotherapy- The main idea is to cut off blood supply to these hemorrhoids, by utilizing a chemical solution that scars the tissue. This scarring in the tissue leads to the blood supply to these piles being cut off, preventing them from growing further in size, and instead shrinking. It is mainly used for piles that are smaller in size and can be done to several at the same time. Usually considered a relatively safe and effective procedure. Side effects may include the presence of small amounts of blood in your stool for a few days. Keto complete reviews chemist warehouse
  1. Rubber band ligation- These are reserved for typically larger hemorrhoids, which are found internally. The procedure involves using an anoscope (a small tube with an attached camera), and a rubber band is attached at the base of the piles to cut off all blood supply, causing these piles to shrink and fall off. It approximately takes about a week for the procedure to show results, and a scar is formed to avoid further veins from bulging in the anal region. A patient is put under anesthesia to undergo this procedure, and experts or some of the best piles doctors in Lucknow would suggest going about it in batches over a while.
  1. Electrotherapy- Experts utilize an instrument named Proctoscope, to help destroy the piles through an electric current. This method is mainly suitable for haemorrhoids of smaller size, and those which cannot be destroyed through the method of banding. The Proctoscope locates the piles, and another probe is used to hold and apply electricity to it. This way the blood supply is cut off from the haemorrhoids leading to their shrinkage. Side-effects may include mild pain and even some visible blood in your stool for a few days. This method is especially used to get rid of a number of small piles.
  1. Infrared Photocoagulation- A similar concept to that of Electrotherapy, this process involves using the heat generated from high intensity of infrared light to cut off the blood supply and scar the piles from the base, for them to shrink and fall off. This type of Infrared Photocoagulation is typically used for medium sized piles, but only one can be treated at a time. The sessions are usually spaced out at an interval of 2 weeks. The side-effects might include mild pain, and the sensation of heat. However, your doctor provides adequate medication to deal with it.

Despite these treatments being well-accessed and having a precedence of efficiency, they might not guarantee a long-lasting effect for the treatment of your piles. Undergoing a proper piles surgery, under the supervision and expertise of a doctor is considered the best option in every case. Some medical surgeries that help treat piles include:

  • Hemorrhoidectomy- This surgery to remove hemorrhoids is preceded by the doctor by making small incisions around the anus region to slice them away. Anasethesia is used to cope with the pain, and one might require stitches to heal the sensitive area. Recovery can take about 3-6 weeks.
  • PPH or Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids- involves using a device that is like a stapler, which repositions the piles to cut off their blood supply, hence making them shrivel and eventually fall off. There are generally less complications, and the recovery time is faster.

Other Surgeries also include HAL(RAR)- Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation and Rectal Anal Repair.

It is recommended to look thoroughly through your options for the best piles doctor in Lucknow, and even Gastroenterologists in Lucknow. They provide expert treatment and extraordinary aftercare for the best results.

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