How technology has helped people to buy Jewellery on a low budget?


The world is changing at a fast pace and of the reasons of a positive change is the advancements taking place in technology. The world has become more digitized thanks to the technological boons of smartphone and internet. The recent covid 19 pandemic would have been so much more difficult to survive had it not been for the internet.

Technology has changed the way most businesses and industries run and the jewellery industry has also been revolutionized with the help of technology. The boon of technology has not only made it easier to fabricate jewellery, but also made it more convenient for people to purchase it. One of the biggest advantages of technology is that it has enabled a larger section of the society to purchase expensive fine jewellery. It has made fine jewellery more budget than before. Let’s see how.

Traditionally, diamond jewellery were made of natural diamonds that were mined from the Earth’s crust. The procedure involved digging the ground and retrieving the diamond in its crude form which then had to undergo a lot of processing in order to become a part of the diamond jewellery. This process was not just labour intensive but also resulted in severe damage to the environment. After a lot of research and technological advancements, lab grown diamonds were introduced into the jewellery industry. Unlike the mined diamonds, these diamonds are made in laboratory which makes them less labour intensive and less harmful to the environment. Because of these reasons lab grown diamond engagement rings cost forty percent less than the ones made of natural diamonds and are more budget friendly.

Another way in which technology has made jewellery more affordable is by online shopping. Today, you do not have to visit a jewellery store in person to purchase a jewellery. The online jewellery websites provide you with a vivid description of their products along with high definition photographs to give you a clear picture of what you are purchasing.  By shopping for jewellery items online, you save on a lot of money and time.

Advancements in technology has led to the development of Computer Aided Designing and 3D printing which are extensively being used in the jewellery industry for the creation of intricate pieces of jewellery such as engagement rings hatton garden. Today, several jewellery designers use these software to create intricate pieces of jewellery instead of drawing it on paper and then fabricating it with the lost wax technique which was very difficult and labour intensive. The whole process has become more mechanized where the jewellery designers use computer aided designing to create customized pieces of jewellery and print it out using 3D printers. This process is not just easier but takes less time as well. Hence, the jewellery items fabricated using these processes will cost less than the ones made using the traditional techniques. Today, more and more jewellers are adopting the latest technology in order to make fine jewellery more affordable.

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