GPAC Baseball Standings

Overview of the GPAC Baseball Standings


The GPAC baseball standings are a reflection of how each team in the conference has performed so far this season. The standings are updated on a regular basis, so teams that are struggling can make a comeback and teams that are doing well can maintain their position. Here’s a look at the current standings.

As of June 1st, the current GPAC baseball standings are as follows:

  1. Northwestern College
  2. Midland University
  3. Concordia University Nebraska
  4. Dordt College
  5. Mount Marty University
  6. Briar Cliff University
  7. Dakota Wesleyan University
  8. Hastings College
  9. Doane University
  10. Nebraska Wesleyan University
  11. Jamestown College
  12. College of Saint Mary
  13. Mount Mercy University
  14. York College (NE)

Placed first in the conference with a record of 34-10 overall and 25-7 in conference play. They have won seven straight games and are currently on a hot streak. Midland University is in second place with a record of 33-11 overall and 24-8 in conference play. They have won four out of their last five games and are right behind Northwestern in the standings. Concordia is in third place with a record of 30-15 overall and 21-11 in conference play.

They have won two out of their last three games but have been struggling as of late. Dordt College is in fourth place with a record of 26-17 overall and 18-14 in conference play. They have alternated wins and losses over their last ten games and will need to start stringing some wins together if they want to move up in the standings. Mount Marty University is in fifth place with a record 20-23 overall and 13-19 in conference play. They have lost four out of their last five games and are struggling as we enter the final stretch of the season.

Briar Cliff is in sixth place with a record of 19-24 overall and 10-22in conference play. Dakota Wesleyan is sitting in seventh place with an 18-25 overall record and 11-21 conference record. Hastings College is currently eighth place with 16-27 overall record and 8=24 conference record. Doane is ninth place right now 14-29 overall 9=25 conferenced. Nebraska Wesleyan rounds off the top ten sitting tenth place 12=31overall 6=28conference. Jamestown College sits eleventh 11=32 4=30. College Of St Mary sits twelfth currently 10=33 2=32 .Mount Mercy takes thirteenth 9=34 2=32. York being last presently 8=35 1=33.


As we can see, Northwestern College is at the top of the GPAC baseball standings, followed by Midland University, Concordia University Nebraska, Dordt College, Mount Marty University, Briar Cliff University, Dakota Wesleyan University, Hastings College, Doane University, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Jamestown College, College Of Saint Mary, Mount Mercy University, York College (NE). There is still plenty of baseball left to be played but it will be interesting to see if any team can catch Northwestern at the top or if they will run away with the conference title.


How are games played in baseball?

Baseball is a game that is played by two teams of nine players. The aim of the game is to score more runs than the other team. A run is scored when a player from the batting team touches all four bases in order, without being put out.

The fielding team tries to make outs by catching fly balls or tagging runners with the ball before they reach a base. When three outs have been made, the teams change places and it is now the batting team’s turn to try and score runs. There are many different ways of playing baseball, but this is how the game is generally played.

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