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Enhancing Risk-Adjusted Returns

 According to Max Warren Barber, CEO Sion Gold Trading UAE  takes pride in being one of the industry leaders in the metallurgy of gold. Our success hails from more than 20 years of on-ground and extensive experience in the upstream, midstream, and downstream.

We invest heavily in our research and development as well as innovative technology to achieve environment-friendly extraction of gold that demonstrates due diligence and sustainability.

Gold mining trading and supply: From mining, sourcing, trading, refining, to distribution; Primera Corp Inc. has the required expertise and well-designed financing, and investment plan to cater for its valuable clients to reap great returns.

Gold Mining Trading And Supply

With more than 20 combined years’ experience in the gold trade, mining through its affiliate entities, mining compliance procedures, export, import, international trading services, and security, Primera Corp Inc. maintains relationships with licensed Gold Exporters and Gold Dealers, Miners, and Traders, located throughout Tanzania to source and procure gold directly from local suppliers and miners.

Dore Bars

With our extensive network of sourcing subsidiaries, complemented by our trusted suppliers with whom we have built strong and rewarding partnerships, we source gold dore straight from the mines themselves, offering our customers unparalleled quality, value, and consistency in product & service.


As a result of our extensive sourcing capacities and capabilities, Primera Corp Inc. supplies the highest quality bullion, based on LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) and DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) standards to manufacturers, banks, and other discerning customers around the world.

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Gold Mining

We are a growth-oriented gold mining company. Our current operations span across East Africa with a widespread workforce employed in our various mining operations through our partners. Our mining methods incorporate both open pit and underground mining that are focused on the continued growth of the company’s mining operations with high return initiatives by acquiring licences and permits for the upcoming potential mines as well as prospective regional explorations situated in an emerging gold belt.

What Moves Gold

 According to Max Warren Barber, CEO Sion Gold Trading UAE Gold is one of the world’s oldest currencies and has a strong psychological impact on the financial industry. While the yellow metal is a topic that most people have an opinion on, gold itself is largely unresponsive to price appreciation factors.Each of these factors is split in half and influences trend strength, sentiment and volume. Creates a given polarity.

cost fluctuation

greed and resentment

production and consumption

Market participants trade gold in response to one of these polarities when in fact another is driving price action, but at greater risk. For example, let’s say the global financial markets crash and gold goes up significantly.


The combination of these factors is at work all the time in global markets, creating long-term themes that follow equally long uptrends and downtrends. For example, market participants were grappling with intense anxiety after the 2008 financial crisis, so the 2008 Federal Reserve Board (FOMC) stimulus package initially had minimal impact on gold. But with deflation underpinning this QE, the gold market and other commodity groups were poised for a major reversal.

 This reversal did not happen immediately due to an auction reflation that saw falling financial and commodity-based assets rebound towards their historical averages. Eventually, after reflation ended and the central bank expanded quantitative easing, gold peaked and started to fall in 2011.




Primera Corp Inc. is an integrated and innovative precious metals enterprise, promoting the gold industry through developing, and nurturing the markets for refined gold products across the globe.

We are investing and improving the technology to enhance the capabilities of our processes; hence, we have rapidly achieved improved operational efficiencies which includes the ability to accept a wide range of materials and provide a low-cost service to our esteemed and valuable clients.


Strategy by Max Warren Barber

Commodity pricing is important for day traders looking to profit from exchange rates. Gold usually follows clear trends. Therefore, it is your duty as a trader to spot trends and place trades.


Trend analysis is essential for trend recognition. Fortunately, there are tools (indicators) available to help you do this. Just find support and resistance levels for short-term trades. Additionally, trend lines are particularly important for validating other technical indicators such as those produced by the MACD and the Relative Strength Index (RSI).


Our experience proves that waiting for the trendline to break before entering an entry position is the ideal technique.


To successfully trade gold, you need to understand the key drivers of price fluctuations. Also, if you have a comprehensive understanding of economics, you will be able to produce convincing results.


Once you have a clear understanding of macro conditions, you should focus on a technical analysis. Good entry and exit decisions can be made better when:

Know your venue


Liquidity fluctuates as gold moves, rising or falling significantly during periods of high volatility and falling during periods of relative calm. This volatility has a greater impact on the futures market, as the average participation rate is significantly lower than the stock market. His Chicago-based CME Group hasn’t significantly improved the equation in recent years, despite new products.


Micro-contract trading volume will exceed 6.6 million in 2021, but only 26,000 mini-contracts and 1.2 million max contracts. Futures held for several months are not affected by this limited participation, but execution of short-term positions is severely impacted, driving up slippage costs. final effect


Below are the best gold trading recommendations from SION Trading FZE.


If the market is risk-on or risk-off, consider that.

Consider both the price of gold and the expected direction of the US dollar.

Consider combining technical analysis, sentiment analysis, and fundamental analysis.

Watch out for central bank buys and sells.

Consider the demand for gold jewellery. Let’s take a look at the need for gold in trading.





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