Games Like Brave Frontier

5 Games Like Brave Frontier to Play


Love playing Games Like Brave Frontier but looking for something new? Here are 5 games that are similar to Brave Frontier that are sure to scratch that itch. From other gacha games to RPGs, there’s something here for everyone.

  1. Fire Emblem Heroes: If you’re a fan of gacha games and strategy RPGs, Fire Emblem Heroes is the game for you. Featuring characters from across the Fire Emblem franchise, players summoned heroes to fight in turn-based battles. With a robust campaign mode and various online multiplayer options, there’s tons of content to keep you busy. Plus, with new updates and events released regularly, there’s always something new to experience.
  2. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Another gacha game, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is perfect for fans of the popular JRPG franchise. With an original story featuring fan-favorite characters like Cecil and Terra, as well as new faces, there’s plenty of reasons to check this one out. The game is also fairly generous with giving out in-game currency, so it’s easy to play without spending any money.
  3. Dragon Quest of the Stars: Dragon Quest of the Stars is a turn-based RPG that is heavily inspired by the Dragon Quest series. Featuring colorful 16-bit graphics and classic turn-based combat, this game should feel familiar to fans of the franchise. One of the unique aspects of this game is its cooperative multiplayer mode, which allows players to team up and take on quests together.
  4. Summoners War: Summoners War is another gacha game that offers players a chance to collect and train hundreds of different monsters. With a wide variety of gameplay modes, including PvE content and Arenas where players can battle each other, there’s plenty of content to keep you occupied. The game also features stunning 3D graphics, which really bring the monsters to life.
  5. Tactics Maiden: Tactics Maiden is a tactical RPG that features retro pixel graphics reminiscent of early console RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics. The game features a deep strategic combat system that will require you full attention in order to master it. With over 50 hours of gameplay, including side quests and bonus missions, Tactics Maiden will keep you busy for quite some time.


There are plenty of great games out there if you’re looking for something similar to Brave Frontier. Whether you’re looking for another gacha game or something completely different, one of these five games is sure to scratch that itch. So try out one (or all) of them today!


Is there a game like Brave Frontier?

There are a few games like Brave Frontier. One example is Fire Emblem Heroes. It has similar elements of strategy and collecting characters.

Is Brave Frontier shutting down 2022?

There’s no official word on whether or not Brave Frontier will be shutting down in 2022, but it’s likely that the game will eventually come to an end. After all, most mobile games only have a lifespan of 2-3 years.

However, there’s no reason to panic just yet. If you’re a fan of the game, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy it before it disappears for good. And who knows? Maybe they’ll release an updated version of the game before then. We’ll just have to wait and see.

What kind of game was Brave Frontier?

Brave Frontier is a role-playing game that was originally created for mobile devices. The objective of the game is to complete quests and battle enemies in order to progress through the story. The player can also summon magical creatures, called “guardians”, to help them in battle.

Will there be a new Brave Frontier?

There is always a chance for a new Brave Frontier, but nothing has been announced as of yet. For now, the best way to enjoy the game is to check out the fan sites and forums online. You can also follow the developers on social media to stay up-to-date on any new announcements.

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