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The Quran, the holy book of Islam, contains one of the most beautiful prose ever written in Arabic. Part poetry, part scripture and part history book, it’s easy to see why so many people want to Learn Quran online, but they don’t always know where to look or who to trust with their children’s education. Fortunately, with Tajweed’s online Quran learning experience, you can have the best of all worlds! We tailor every lesson plan based on your unique goals and expertise level, so you’re guaranteed to be enjoying your online Quran learning experience as much as possible!

Why is Quranic Arabic important?

Quranic Arabic is a language that is specific to the Quran. It is an ancient language that has been around since before Muhammad was born. The people who spoke Quranic Arabic were very knowledgeable about Islam and its teachings. Today, Quranic Arabic is only used in Islamic worship services, but it still plays a big role in Islamic culture. Learning Quranic Arabic can be difficult because it is not taught in schools, but there are many resources available for children and adults who want to learn this beautiful language.

How does Tajweed help us recite accurately?

The Arabic word tajweed means to recite well or in a proper manner. When reciting the Quran, one should do so in a way that is pleasing to Allah. This includes pronouncing each letter of the text clearly, pausing at commas and full stops, reading between lines of text that should not be read aloud, etc. One may also use various tajwid rules to make their recitation even more beautiful.

What about children reciting Quranic Arabic?

Some scholars say children may recite Quranic Arabic, but there is no consensus. It is up to parents to decide whether their children should learn Quranic Arabic or not. And they must be well-educated on the subject before they make any decision. The best way to introduce our children to Islam is through an organic process of teaching them about how Muslims live in their day-to-day lives as a Muslim. They will eventually pick up words in Arabic without even knowing it because they will want to understand what’s going on around them. But this has nothing to do with reciting Quranic Arabic.

The importance of reciting Quranic Arabic properly.

Reciting Quranic Arabic is an important Islamic duty. It is also a way to improve your language skills, to memorize and understand the meaning of verses, as well as to increase your understanding of Arabic grammar and syntax. But in order to recite Quranic Arabic properly, you will need to learn its rules. The rules are called Tajweed and they have been preserved from generation to generation. By following these rules, one can recites Quranic Arabic correctly every time he reads it, whether aloud or silently.

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