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Everything You Should Know About Nomex Flight Gloves


Nomex flight gloves are the best safeguard to protect your hands while flying a military aircraft. They have been used since the 60s and are trusted by civilians and military all over the US. You worry about many things when you are a pilot, such as the safety of your passengers, keeping an eye on fuel levels, and dealing with turbulence. These are all very critical tasks, but one thing that a pilot often overlooks is the importance of wearing Nomex flight gloves. They are an essential part of the flight suit. 

Features Of Nomex Flight Gloves 

A Nomex flight glove is an extended-length glove with 100% Nomex on the back of the glove. It is modeled to exact military specifications and has become an essential piece of equipment for military units. It is particularly suited to GA pilots for protection against heat in the cockpit. 

  • It is constructed with a 100% DuPont Nomex fabric back, soft cowhide palm, and sewn with non-melting. 
  • It has double-reinforced stitching. 
  • The back of the glove is heat and fire resistant to 400 F. 
  • Constructed to Military Specification MIL-DTL-81188C.
  • Available in various sizes. 

Nomex flight gloves keep the hands warm in cold weather and protect them from the sun’s UV rays. The material used is helpful in turbulent conditions. If you do not have a pair, buy Nomex gloves before your next flight. Adding a pair to your gear will ensure protection and safety for your hands throughout your travels. 

Why Use Nomex Flight Gloves? 

In addition to protecting hands, they are designed to help you grip the controls, prevent blisters, and stay comfortable in turbulent situations. Nomex flight gloves are useful for many reasons. 

  • They protect the hands from the elements: Nomex flight gloves are fire-resistant and offer an extra layer of protection in case of a fire. They will protect your hands from the flames. They have the ability to thicken and carbonize when exposed to intense heat. The gloves also provide protection from piercing wind. Without gloves, it becomes difficult to fly the plane as your hands are subject to environmental conditions. 
  • Better grip on controls: Nomex flight gloves provide better dexterity and grip than regular gloves. You should not wear a regular pair of gloves if you are a pilot. The grip feature is essential when you suddenly have to adjust your controls or fiddle with small buttons and switches. In case of emergencies, it is crucial to stay calm and focused. Since they have a snug fit, you do not have to worry about your gloves fitting right, which might cause you to touch the wrong controls. 
  • Protect your hands from cold weather: Nomex flight gloves protect your hands from cold weather as an insulator. Protecting your hands is important for safety and comfort. Wearing these gloves will ensure that your hands stay warm and you can fly the plane accurately. 
  • Keep you comfortable during long flights: They help prevent hand fatigue. They are specially designed to absorb vibrations and reduce hand fatigue and prevent you from getting too tired. 
  • Protection from cuts and punctures: They protect your hands from broken glass or metal shards. You can pick up sharp objects without worrying about cutting your hands. 

How To Clean Your Nomex Flight Gloves? 

It is recommended to hand wash your Nomex flight gloves to maintain their sizing and shape. Place the gloves on your hands and wash them with mild soap at below 120 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also rinse the inside of your gloves. Keep them away from direct heat; it is advised to air dry them. Avoid using chemical products on the Nomex fabric because they can alter the product’s strength features. 

Length And Quality 

Nomex flight gloves have extended lengths for the arm, which will cover up to the forearm. Unlike regular gloves, these flight gloves will provide protection to your wrist as well as the forearm. Their detailed stitching highlights the high-end quality of the gloves. The material is of the finest quality; compared to regular nylon fiber, Nomex is a much better fire-resistant fiber. They are quality tested, and their maximum durability is ensured. 

Nomex flight gloves are comfortable and breathable that will keep your hands dry and cool during long flights. Nomex flight gloves are a must-have item if you are a pilot. Get a pair and see the difference yourself. They are essential to protect you and your crew during the flight.   

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