Custom Lotion Boxes For Cosmetic Industry


As I walked up to the skincare aisle of the retail mart I was visiting, I was taken aback by the sea of custom lotion boxes in front of me. For a moment there, I was overwhelmed and felt at a loss. Just last week, I went over the packaging of the products I was using to find out that most of my makeup and lotions were expired. So, I tossed them out. No, I am not negligent. But the last two years haven’t been easy on me. I met an accident and hardly used any product as I was bedridden. As the weather changed, my skin felt scratchy, and I knew I needed a hydrating moisturizer. But as I looked at the rows of custom lotion boxes in front of me, for a moment, I thought that I would never be able to make a choice.

Printing Details of lotion Boxes

So, I took a deep breath and started reading about the product information printed on these lotion packaging boxes. The more I roamed around and read about the lotions, the more impressed I was. It was my first solo shopping trip after the accident, and as I touched the custom cardboard boxes, I felt that more companies were using unique customizing features on them than before.

Almost all custom cardboard boxes had spot UV on them. Some highlighted their log using this feature, and some highlighted the product information using this add-on. I loved looking at the custom retail packaging of lotions that talked to customers directly. I know products can’t talk, but I believe the boxes they are packaged in can talk on their behalf. They knew what exactly, which brand it was and what to pick.

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This brand had printed a silhouette of a girl in golden on their black custom cardboard packaging. The focus was on the hair of the girl, flying in the wind. It targeted girls’ between the age bracket of thirteen to eighteen. Girls of this age are carefree and do not want to expose their skin to harsh chemicals. They usually want a gentle skin-care formula for their early skin problems.

I loved the hot foil stamping on these custom retail boxes, which gave them an attractive appeal. Here was an example of successful custom retail packaging that was functional, attractive, and protective. I reached out for a set of moisturizers and toner made from organic ingredients and packaged in what I believed were wooden custom rigid boxes. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they were cardboard-based custom rigid boxes with no minimum.

Eco-Friendly Boxes

Custom retail packaging has evolved, and more companies are now switching to it significantly. There was another great discovery that I made during my moisturizer hunt. Multiple companies in the makeup industry are now offering eco-friendly packaging boxes.

The custom boxes for skin-care products craft from biodegradable stocks are cost-effective, print-friendly, and highly durable. Moreover, the customers do not have to worry about littering the planet as this custom packaging disintegrates. It does not release any harmful chemical during the perishing process that harms the earth or its inhabitants.

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Companies can get a variety of biodegradables for selecting stocks according to their preferences and product requirements. But they need to understand that perfection in packaging can only offer by companies with experience and the skill pool in this field.

Hence, they should order their custom retail boxes from revered names in the industry like ClipnBox, where professional works with their clients to provide packaging solutions. Opting for run-of-the-mill companies for packaging solutions can result in serious loss and impractical retail packaging of products. Visit Website

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