Cosmetic Dentist – Five Questions to Ask


If you’re looking to improve your smile, you’ve probably wondered how to choose the right teethandgums¬† cosmetic dentist for your needs. The answer is not as simple as you might expect, especially since the American Dental Association (ADA) does not recognize “cosmetic dentistry” as a specialty practice area for dentists. Also, most state dental boards (licensing and regulatory bodies) do not have specific rules for practicing as a cosmetic dentist. In other words, any general dentist can provide cosmetic dentistry services.

The education required to become a dental hygienist (DDS) covers the subjects and many technologies involved in providing cosmetic dentistry services. As the demand for cosmetic dentistry services increases, training programs in the 1990s and beyond will change from previous decades. Five questions to help you make an informed decision.

  1. How much experience does the dentist have?

Dentists who truly focus on cosmetic dentistry typically offer these services:

– Venus and beauty

– Teeth whitening

1 – Lever, bracket and leveling

– Bridge and crown

– Composite tooth color filling

– Dental implants

While it’s tempting to look at and look at pictures, you should ask specifically about the depth of experience in the areas listed above that your treatment plan covers. Functionality and oral health must never be compromised to achieve optimal visual appearance. Learning to achieve all three comes not only from knowledge, but also from extensive experience. How long does a future dentist stay in practice? How many patients have you treated?

  1. How and where did your dentist get his experience?

As with any profession, expert advice and training can make a huge difference in your ability to become highly qualified as a cosmetic dentist.

– Start looking for a graduate from a nationally recognized dental school whose professors are familiar with the latest technology and renowned for their expertise.

– In addition to the DDS education program, ask if the dentist has received additional training from specialists. In particular, seek experience at major university hospitals specializing in dentistry and cosmetic enhancement. These teams usually perform more complex tasks, where the accumulated experience is under the supervision of national experts. (These departments may specialize in cranial or dental needs or in orthopedics.)

– If you are looking for a specific service like Invisalign “invisible braces”, you should ask if the cosmetic dentist has achieved provider status – most of them do. Services are provided. of patients.

  1. Does the dentist offer sedation dentistry?

If you suffer from dental anxiety, have a busy schedule, want quick results, or are in need of an extensive cosmetic dentistry procedure, you may want to look for a cosmetic dentist certified in sedation dentistry. Sometimes two or three sessions are necessary and can be combined into one sedation without compromising health quality or outcomes. Although many states have begun to act to ensure patient safety, not all states regulate sedation dentistry. There are also different levels of dentistry. You can call your state dental board to discuss whether sedation is regulated, different levels of sedation, and get the names of board-certified dentists in your area.

  1. How well is the proposed treatment plan working for you?

Although this is due to lack of experience, some cosmetic dentists are very inflexible in their recommendations. As a result, the recommended plan may not be the best for you in terms of oral health, desired results, or budget. A skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist can strike a good balance between results and budget without compromising oral health. If you’re disappointed that they offer a plan that’s completely out of your budget, don’t be afraid to find another qualified cosmetic dentist. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to improve your smile. Continue to see an experienced cosmetic dentist. Ask if your dentist would be willing to work with you on a plan that fits your budget.


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