Colorado Plumbing Continuing Education Courses


You can find various plumbing continuing education courses through the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). These courses help licensed plumbers maintain their current expertise and increase their professional knowledge. This allows them to remain current on best practices, industry codes, and standards and provide the necessary continuing education credits (CEUs) for license renewal.

It is the responsibility of each licensee to ensure that continuing education requirements are met. You may be subject to disciplinary action if you do not meet the requirements. This can include fines or even the revocation of your plumbing license. Therefore, you must stay on top of your continuing education requirements and submit the appropriate documentation on time.

Where to Enroll in Colorado Plumbing Continuing Education Courses

If you need plumbing continuing education courses in Colorado, a variety of schools and organizations offer them. Rocketcert is a great place to start when looking into plumbing continuing education courses in the state. It is an online platform that provides continuing education courses in plumbing and other trades. They offer a range of courses, from basic training for beginner plumbers to more advanced courses for experienced plumbers. They also offer courses in safety, codes, regulations, and other plumbing-related topics.

Colorado Plumbing Continuing Education Course Topics

Courses offered by DORA cover a wide range of topics relevant to the plumbing industry. These include understanding building codes and regulations, installing and maintaining plumbing systems, using proper tools and equipment, safety protocols, water heater installation and maintenance, waste disposal systems, proper drainage techniques, and sewer repair and installation. Depending on the need and level of experience, licensed plumbers can also take courses in advanced topics such as gas regulation and hot water heating systems.

How to Get CEUs in Colorado

Most continuing education courses awarded by DORA require a passing grade of 80%, and the CEUs must be completed within the two-year renewal period. It is important to note that the Colorado Department must approve each course of Regulatory Agencies before you can receive credit. Once you meet the requirements, you can submit your documentation to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies for evaluation and approval.

Make sure to follow and stay up to date with the Colorado plumbing continuing education requirements and deadlines. Completing your courses on time will ensure that you comply with the state guidelines and maintain your plumbing license.

Receiving Your Renewed Plumbing License

After submitting all required documentation and completing your courses, you will be able to apply for license renewal. You will receive your renewed license in the mail if the application is approved. You will be able to use the license for up to two years or until you need to renew it again. You can continue with your plumbing-related activities with a valid license.

Receiving your CEUs is important to maintain your Colorado plumber’s license. By taking advantage of the courses offered by professional schools and organizations, you can stay on top of your continuing education requirements and be a more knowledgeable and effective professional. And that’s the best way to serve the plumbing community in Colorado.

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