Choosing the Best VoIP for International Calls


If you want to make international calls, choosing the best VoIP providers is very important. You should choose a service that has a track record of success and can provide comprehensive solutions for a single monthly rate. While services on this list are highly regarded, there are also other services you should check out.

Pay as You Go plan

If you’re a frequent international caller, a bolt-on international cell phone plan is an excellent choice. These plans offer unlimited calls and include 60 destinations for free, so you don’t have to pay extra for international calls. However, if you make international calls only occasionally, a Pay as You Go plan may be the best option for you.

RingCentral’s Pay as You Go international long-distance service is easy and flexible. You can roll over your international calling credits month-to-month for up to 12 months, and you can even enroll in Auto-Purchase so your account won’t run out. You can also sign up for International Calling Credit Bundles, which allow you to save money and have more flexibility with your international calling plan. If you have high international call volume, you can sign up for a bundle of international calling credits and save even more money.

Ting’s global minutes include free calls to over 60 countries and only a penny per minute to Canada and Mexico. You’ll also need an international SIM card for Ting’s international service.

Ooma’s add-on plan

Ooma’s international calling plans are priced at a very reasonable cost. They offer both unlimited and bundled call options. With these plans, you’ll be able to make calls to landlines in over 60 countries and cell phones in 12 more. You can also choose to pay a per-minute rate for international calls.

Ooma is also competitive with other companies in this area. It offers unlimited calls within North America and reasonably affordable international calling rates to countries outside of the region. However, if you’re looking to start an international call center, this might not be the right solution for you. However, if you only need basic international calling, this plan is a great choice.

Ooma’s interface is simple and easy to use, no matter how you access it. The mobile app looks clean and is easy to navigate between calls, texts, and contact lists. It provides users with easy access to call-handling tools and has enough space for users to customize their settings.

RingCentral’s add-on plan

RingCentral is a popular VoIP service among small businesses. The company boasts of a high number of positive customer reviews. Users praise the ease of use and reliability of the service, but the company could use a few improvements to improve its customer support. RingCentral’s phone support team can be difficult to understand and overuses technical jargon.

RingCentral offers toll-free and local phone numbers in over 100 countries. Users can easily answer and make incoming calls from anywhere they have internet access. It also offers a monthly plan that includes unlimited calls. This plan gives users world-class call quality for less money, and allows users to better budget.

RingCentral’s MVP plan includes unlimited domestic calls within the United States and Canada. It also has add-on plans for international calls. This plan comes with a wide range of features, including call recording, call forwarding, and 24/7 customer support. You can also make international calls from the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, and Australia. However, international rates vary by country, and it is best to check with local phone numbers before purchasing a plan.


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