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Challenges That UK’s Education System Will Be Facing in 2023


It is a fact that the UK’s education system is known as the best education system in the world. That’s why UK’s universities are ranked in the best positions in the world regarding their facilities and teaching qualities. Nowadays, the UK’s education system has started to face some problems. It is expected that these challenges will be severe in 2023. Here, experts of The Academic Papers UK will discuss major challenges that the UK’s education system will be facing in 2023.

Students Recruitments in Higher Education:

As we know that lots of universities are offering the same kinds of programs to the students. Therefore, the UK’s universities have to face lots of competition in students’ recruitments in higher education. Moreover, if they want to compete with these institutions, they will have to spend a huge amount on advertising. Moreover, these universities will have to focus on the core strengths. For example, the quality of education and facilities for the students. The students have to face lots of problems in an authentic and personalized approach to education. Moreover, due to lots of discerns about the money, the enrollment in the part-time programs will also be decreased.

The Impact of Brexit:

In 2023, we will also observe the impacts of Brexit on the UK’s education. These kinds of impacts will not only create challenges in the research field but will also create some challenges in recruitment terms. Due to Brexit, the UK has to face some economy settlement issues. These economic settlement issues will also create lots of problems for international students. The international students have to face some problems with visas and immigration. Along with students, businessmen will also face lots of issues due to Brexit. Due to this, there will be new rules for non-UK EU students and these rules can also create some problems for the students.

Global Competition:

In 2023, the UK’s universities have to face lots of global competition. Its reason is that the UK has lost his second position in the world of education and the UK universities have to face lots of challenges from the Japanese universities and Chinese universities. Along with Japanese universities and Chinese universities, there are also some Australian universities and New Zealand’s universities that are attracting the students. Its reason is that there is a critical political situation not only in the UK but also in the US. If the UK universities and colleges want to compete with other colleges and universities, they will have to prepare backup plans in the case of no-deal Brexit.

Variable Student Fees:

In 2023, there is a possibility that a variable fee plan will be implemented in the UK’s education system. On the basis of this variable fee plan, there will be a possibility that the students will be able to avail the art degrees in fewer amounts. On the other hand, STEM degrees will be expensive. Nowadays, to attract the young students into the STEM programs is a real challenge for the teachers. If expenses of these degrees are increased, STEM schools will face lots of problems to attract the students.

Research Funding Concerns:

The UK universities will have to face some further issues in the research field. With the help of EU funding, the UK universities were able to get 5 billion Euros for research on an annual basis. Due to Brexit, UK universities will not be able to get these funds. Due to this reason, the researchers will have to face lots of uncertainty. Because they will not know who will provide them with the funds for research. Nowadays, the UK is considered as a powerhouse for research. Once the funding will be closed, there is also a possibility that the UK will not remain as a powerhouse for research. There is more possibility that students will be shifted to hiring dissertation writing services UK for the academic research process.

Recruiting the Right People:

In order to deliver high-quality education and to provide the best support for education, the staff of the UK universities should be impressive. Nowadays, the staff of UK universities is impressive because it consists of UK-based and EU-based professors. In 2023, all the non-UK-based professors will be shifted to their countries and it will create a gap in the UK universities. Due to this gap, the UK universities will have to face lots of problems to provide the best quality education.

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