Bet You Didn’t Know These Facts About Body Armour


Protective gear has always been a field of experimentation and evolution. From changing the materials to the area of coverage, protective armors have come a long way from the initial form. Therefore, people are increasingly discussing the possible facts and features of protective equipment. 

Armor from a top body armor company is believed to provide enormous amounts of safety to the wearer. This is not without evidence either. Body armor is used by police officials and security personnel all over the world to protect themselves during their time of duty. 

Why don’t we get to know about the famous body armor a little more? 

Are body armors bulletproof?

Well, if the question of ballistic features of body armor has been confusing you, the answer is no. Sure, body armor can protect the wearer against a good number of dangers, but bulletproof is not one of its features. Even though they are referred to as bulletproof sometimes, it is because the armor can minimize the effects of a bullet.

The fabric of body armor is made of many protective layers. So, when a bullet enters, it will be slowed down as it has to penetrate different layers of hard fabric. Ultimately, the effect of the bullet will reduce, guaranteeing less damage. But this is not proof of the bulletproof nature of armor. If a bullet is fired from a sniper at a long distance, the body armor will not be helpful. High-speed bullets will also not fail in the presence of body armor. 

No armor is completely safe from bullets. It can reduce the damage, but that is all it can do regarding a bullet. 

Rigorous safety tests

Everybody’s armor undergoes multiple levels of safety testing. After all, it is a matter of the safety of people serving the public. They put the body armor through a unique situation that one may face in real life to see how they withstand every one of them. The materials have been changed and tested in various ways to ensure maximum safety for the person wearing them. 

Protection levels of body armor

This is an overlooked aspect regarding body armor. Every kind of armor is categorized into different safety levels so that people may choose according to their needs. For instance, police officials usually use level II, level IIA or level IIIA body armor. These levels indicate that the body armor can protect the wearer in case of low-velocity firing. The levels are named such that level II presents less protection when compared to level III. But the low-protection armors will offer better flexibility to the person since they would be lightweight and inexpensive. The panels in these armors are less stuffed, meaning low weight. If the duty involves too much moving around, but less severe damage, a level II armor would be suitable. Understanding the different levels will help in choosing the right armor based on the job requirements. 

Can anyone get body armor?

We know the police, security, bodyguards, and other important personnel usually wear body armor. But is it okay for a normal civilian to buy and use body armor? The answer is yes. There are no legal restrictions against using body armor for protection. Anyone with the resources can buy one and use it as they please. Even though the secrecy around protective gear may give the idea that the use is restricted to only officials and very important personalities, it is not true. If you fear that someone is targeting you, you can order your protective gear and use it to relieve your mind. But there are a few simple catches that come along with it. 

  • A civilian should not do any illegal activities while wearing armor.
  • They should not commit a crime as it will increase their punishment when caught. 
  • Convicted felons cannot use body armor if the felony is violent. 
  • The purchase must be legal. You should not buy from an illegal dealer or import the product illegally. 
  • Any direct transaction can be done to make your buy. 
  • Ensure that you purchase from a company that does not have a policy of selling to only police or officers of the law. 

With all these points in mind, you can order your protective gear from any top body armor company of your choice. The company needs to be willing to extend its services to a civilian. Many companies only supply officials. So do your research about this before making an order. 

Getting body armor from a top-notch company ensures good quality and protection. When safety is involved, you should never settle for less. Therefore, protective gear like body armor, helmets, etc. needs to be purchased from trusted companies that have the necessary license to manufacture and sell the products.

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