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8 Questions That You Need To Ask In The Survey Of Customer


consumer behavior As per the statistics for the year 2022, there are about 4.98 billion users exist online. Due to this reason – the majority of marketers prefer to use online surveys in order to perform customer research. 

But what kind of question brand should ask the customer in an online survey? If you are unaware of this crucial thing then the below-mentioned list of questions is an alternative solution for you. Before moving ahead, the consumer behavioral insights by Blokchi is providing the best assistance in researching more about customer behavior and their buying decisions. 

Here are the following questions that you need to ask in the survey of customers

  • Ideal customers – 

Ask yourself – who are your ideal customers? Age, occupation, lifestyle, location, income, gender, and many more are the following things that you need to consider while answering this question. Each and every piece of information about the buyer’s persona is required if you want to make this research worthwhile. 

  • Their Problems – 

What kind of problems has customers been facing in recent dates? The main concern of the people should be to find the problem which they are unable to get rid of. Engage with them and talk friendly so that they find themselves comfortable sharing every bit with you. If you have sorted their problem and found a profitable solution for their primary concern then you won the half battle. 

  • Desire to purchase – 

What do they like to purchase? Knowing about the interest, preferences, and cravings assist the brand to create those kinds of products. If you are selling those products which are the highest priority of the customer then they will never stop themselves to come to the brand’s store. Note down all those things and create a list of items that are on the top of the head. 

  •  Competitor analysis – 

Competition teaches, breaks you apart, and allows you to grow together – that is why you have a huge opportunity to learn a lot from the competitors. If you are aware the most of the competitors then nothing will stop you from being a winner. Competition improves the plan, way of building a strategy, and perception. Indulge yourself to win and learn but don’t take it on a personal level, it should be healthy competition. 

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  • Customer’s benefits – 

consumer behavior Customers have a selfish mindset and they will not come to you if they didn’t find any profit from the brand. Give them the best reason to visit the store and never stop themselves to purchase goods for you. Offer a handful of stuff that impresses the customers on a first visit, because the first impression remains last. The research and the above points will help you understand the things that will bring more interest to them. 

  • Loyal customers – 

What would you choose between the two – loyal customers or the new ones? For a brand, this is crucial to take care of the loyal customer most than the newer ones. But this is important to know who are your loyal customers. For this, you need to notice or review the list of customers from the initial stage of starting a brand. Reward them for being the loyal ones and feel grateful for having loyal supporters behind the back of the brand. The longer this list would be the more popular you would be.

  • Non-interested people – 

For a brand, this is a primary concern that out of 100% why 20% audience is not coming to the store. This is crucial to bring every target audience to the store or else they will choose another door. Find out the reason and best possible way to turn on the mood of non-interested people to make them interested. It is a human tendency that not every person has the same taste and thoughts until they haven’t tried the purchase. Show them and let them be aware of the product and the brand’s mission. 

  • Ask “why” – 

Tell them the reason – why they should choose to purchase the products from you instead of competitors. For a brand, this is required to know why they have started this business and what kind of benefit they are providing to their target customers. Also, share meaningful reasons why their customers should choose them. 

Wrapping Up – 

To understand in-depth consumer behavior, this is crucial to ask the above question to be aware of the customer’s purchasing decisions. There is a quote – “if a brand knows about the customer well, then it wins” that is why focus on the customer’s research before anything else. 

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