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5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Bathroom Remodel


Are you in the process of planning a bathroom remodel with a complete bathroom suites? If so, you’re likely trying to figure out how to control the cost. While there’s no single answer that will work for everyone, there are a number of ways to keep costs down. In this post, we’ll share 10 tips for minimizing expenses without compromising on quality or functionality. Read on to learn more

Why Complete Bathroom Suite?

You may not realize but bathroom makeover is not a small project. Perhaps in many ways it is more complicated than the remodel of rest of your home. Therefore, you should try to make hassle at the minimal level. You may have to carefully plan about plumbing and other things, the choice of coordinated looking bathroom fittings and fixtures can relatively be simple and easy due to complete bathroom suites. These are a set of similar looking fittings and fixtures that are combined in a package to offer you everything in a single package. It not only helps you save time but also become less expensive in comparison to getting each bathroom fittings and fixture separately. 

What a Complete Bathroom Suite May Include?

A complete bathroom set may include minimum of 2 or 3 items like a toilet, sink, and a vanity unit that are an essential need for a small bathroom. These may have as many as 7 fixture with addition of shower enclosure, or a bathtub, and vanity units or cabinets etc. That means what ever your requirements may you there are various bathroom suites available. 

Tips to Control Costs for a Complete Bathroom Suite Makeover

While a bathroom set may itself be economical in comparison to getting everything individually. But there are more ways to save on the overall costs. 

Plan Your Remodel Carefully to Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Bathroom makeover is almost always an exciting project. However, it is also crucial to plan your remodel carefully in order to avoid unnecessary expenses. One way to do this is to start by creating a realistic budget. Be sure to take into account the price of materials, labor, permits, and other potential fees. Once you have deciding about spending money, you can begin to research different remodeling options. Evaluate each option based on its cost, practicality, and impact on your home’s value. With systematic planning, your dream bathroom can be with in you.

Consider Using Affordable Materials 

When planning a bathroom makeover, it is important to consider the materials you will use. Some materials, like laminate or vinyl, are more affordable than others, like marble or granite. However, price is not the only factor to consider. Laminate and vinyl are also less durable than marble and granite, so they may not last as long. Another factor to keep in mind is the appearance of the materials. Laminate and vinyl can mimic the look of pricier materials, but they may not have the same level of detail or quality. Ultimately, the best material for your bathroom makeover depends on your budget, needs, and personal preferences.

Choose a Simple Complete Bathroom Suites Design 

Thought you may tempt to choose a complex design for a bathroom suite makeover, but it is not necessary. You should rather go for a simple layout that is easier to create and maintain. In addition to that it will help you to be with in the budget easily as it will cost less. The complex design will require more effort and time to create there will drive up the costs. 

Avoid Changes in Plumbing

Since, the big part of a bathroom makeover project will go towards bathroom fitter, it is advisable to not to change the plumbing to keep the cost in control. The changes in plumbing will require a lot of time in fitting that will significantly raise the overall cost. Therefore, it is best to not to make any changes in it. 

Check The Prices from Multiple Sources

If you like a bathroom fitting and fixture, then don’t forget to check its price at several other bathroom retailers. They may have on offer the same thing with different brands name with significantly lower price. The same goes for the bathroom fitter. You should get quotation from multiple sources before finalizing the one for your bathroom. 

DIY Whenever Possible

The major costs of the new complete bathroom suites go towards the installation. So, the major chunk of the budget will go towards bathroom set fitter. However, there are many things in the bathroom that you can be an exciting DIY project. For example, fitting a freestanding bathroom cabinet, tilling on the floor, and painting on the wall is amongst such tasks that can be easiest to handle yourself as a DIY. However, before planning any such move you should be sure that you can handle it. You may work at your own on the things that we have discussed above. For other, it will be a better idea to hire a plumber.

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