3 Effective Tips to Recover from Typhoid


Typhoid is linked with acute fever and it is usually caused by bacteria, the types of bacteria can be different and the severity of typhoid is linked with the types of bacteria. For example, if typhoid is caused by salmonella paratyphi, then there will not be a severe illness.

These bacteria are present in different things such as foods and water. When people eat or drink foods and beverages packed with these bacteria they tend to catch this bacterial infection. This infection may be spread to other people easily.

During the previous century, millions of people were diagnosed with typhoid fever all over the world. For instance, in only the USA, tens of thousands of typhoid cases every year were reported. Now, that number has decreased to 4000 every year. There are many reasons behind the reduction in the spread of typhoid.

The basic reason for this reduction is changes and improvements in environmental sanitation. However, some countries like India and Egypt are the most prevalent countries with typhoid in the world. During these years, this bacteria fever affect almost more than twenty million people around the world, and more than two lakh people are dying due to this.

In addition, a doctor may recommend a widal test to check antibodies that are present in the body against typhoid. A widal test can easily be get done from any lab. More information about the widal test price in Pakistan can be gotten easily.

People who are living in a bad environment or backward areas have their sanitation system surrounded by stools, their sanitation system has the highest risks of containing bacteria that can cause typhoid and other severe illnesses.

Tips to Recover from Typhoid

If you bring fruits or vegetables from the bazaar and they are contaminated with bacteria then these bacteria can be transferred to dried foods and other things that are present in your kitchen. These bacteria can live longer than several weeks and can affect you in an easy way. Therefore, don’t consume contaminated foods or beverages.

When you consume contaminated foods or beverages the bacteria tend to invade the small intestine and for a short period of time, they also enter the bloodstream. White blood cells tend to carry these bacteria in the liver and bone marrow. Here, they get multiplied and try to reenter the bloodstream without facing any difficulty.

The starting days of typhoid fever can be one to two weeks, and its severe symptoms can last for three to four weeks in most people. The main symptoms of typhoid fever include poor appetite, usually headaches, sometimes lethargy, pains or aches in different parts of the body, and diarrheal symptoms. In addition, typhoid mostly causes a fever of more than 104 DF.

In some people, abdominal pain and chest congestion are also among the common symptoms of this bacterial infection; however, the fever, during this infection, will be constant. And the improvements will tend to begin after three to four weeks.

Here are the tips:

1- Pomegranates are Effective

As you know, pomegranates are packed with water and many nutrients and vitamins that prevent a lot of mild to moderate diseases and conditions. It is also considered one of the best home remedies for typhoid symptoms.

During typhoid symptoms, the use of pomegranates will prevent and effectively treat dehydration. When you experience typhoid symptoms there is a high fever, which usually causes dehydration. And if you have experienced typhoid you may know that the taste of the mouth becomes so weird during typhoid and you don’t want to drink simple water.

At that point, pomegranates come as a great substitute. You consume it as a delicious fruit or make juice at your home to get effective results, however, try to make juice at your home because when you buy juice from the bazaar you are not sure whether it is germ-free or not.

You can also make consult with the doctor about using pomegranates to get a quick recovery from this bacterial infection. The proper use of this delicious fruit along with rest and other healthy foods and beverages will effectively reduce typhoid symptoms.

2- Buttermilk

It will not be easy to get fast recovery from typhoid symptoms without consuming beverages such as buttermilk which is also known as lassi in many countries. These beverages, like buttermilk, are packed and full of probiotics which are essential to support a healthy immune system.

In addition, the use of these beverages is also essential. To support the health of the gut in an effective way. In addition, the regular use of these beverages can also help in breaking down. Protein which can speed up the recovery process.

3- Cloves

Cloves are also effective in fighting bacteria that are responsible for causing typhoid and other bacterial symptoms. The essential nutrients and oils in cloves have antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria. Easily and can also reduce the severity of nausea and vomiting.

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