10 Methods to Help a Puppy Crying in the Crate

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Although getting a new puppy is very exciting for you, it might be quite terrifying for that puppy. If your puppy is crying in his crate and you are unaware of what he wants or what you should do, you need to keep reading this blog to find out the answers.

Both the owner and the puppy will need some time to adjust during those first few nights. It’s possible that he is homesick for his old surroundings, his mother, and his littermates, and that he is also finding the new surroundings, new people, and new smells to be bothersome.

As a result of these factors, you are ready to understand the reason why your puppy is crying.

You might have reportedly been told by people in your vicinity advising you to either ignore your pet while he cries or to simply leave him alone until he calms down on his own. At this point, dog owners are most likely to become bogged down and lose their way.

If your puppy is making a lot of noise, you might be assuming that he is trying to impose some sort of authority over you. And it is precisely these kinds of thoughts that lead you to the decision that you ought to completely ignore the howling of your puppy. And in the most extreme cases, some owners even respond by physically abusing their new pet. They act in this manner because they have the misconception that the puppy will result stronger in the end. However, if you still can’t handle your puppy,  you can take help from the vet clinic Serangoon!

But Let’s Pause Here for a Moment and Consider This

Is the puppy actually attempting to exert absolute authority over you? Or is he merely a child attempting to communicate his needs?

Some people are prone to forgetting that puppies are simply innocent baby dogs and not grown dogs that are attempting to exert their dominance over their owners. They do not have biological systems that are fully developed nor do they have emotional wisdom. Therefore, it is cruel to ignore your puppy’s cries for his needs or to physically punish him for these reasons.

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However, there are several different ways that you can use to calm your puppy down.

In light of this, this article will show you ten different methods that you can use to help your puppy from crying in its crate.

1. Basic Needs

When you find no evident reason why your puppy is crying then the first step is to doubly check the necessities. Significantly, the basic needs of your new puppy are fulfilled.

These Basic Needs Can Include The Following:

  • Pain: make sure the puppy is not physically in pain. Check out the size of the crate. Set the size of the crate according to your pet to make it comfortable for the new one. Moreover, your puppy might be suffering from stomachache due to switching food.
  • Hunger: make sure to keep care of your puppy’s diet. What time is he hungry? What to eat and when to eat. You should highly consider these things. If your puppy is crying, try to offer him food. Maybe he is hungry.
  • Thirsty: your new puppy might be thirsty and crying and you are offering him other things to calm him down. See how he is flipping his tongue and asking for water.
  • Temperature: if not food and drink then it is definitely the temperature that is discomforting him. Extreme weather conditions can make your new pet sick. Make the carate according to the weather conditions. If it’s hot in the summer, the crate should be cool and on the contrary, if it’s winter make sure to warm it.
  • Rest: the place where your puppy is living should be restorable. You should take care of the sleep time of your puppy to boot. Moreover, you should provide him with an area where no one can bother him while resting.

2. Search a Pattern

Before you find the answer to the question of why your new puppy is so crying. It would be helpful for you to look for patterns in his behavior. For instance, if he is constantly shouting, flipping his tongue, and looking at you, then it may be his pattern of telling you that he is thirsty. Having a look for habits in his behavior would be reassuring for you.

Or you could specify any other behavior, along with when it exhibits that behavior, such as before or after meals, or during the night. And remembering these patterns of behavior will be beneficial to you in the long run as you focus to stop your puppy from crying.

3. Do Not Leave Him Alone

You should avoid leaving your new puppy alone, especially during the night, especially if he is still new. You can however begin by moving further away from him while keeping his attention with you. You need to give him the impression that you are present in the room with him.

4. Keep Him Closer To You While Sleeping

You should keep your puppy’s crate near you when you are sleeping at night. However, if he is not comfortable in the crate then it is fine to let him stay outside the crate. And you can train him to be in the crate in the daytime. It is absolutely convenient to take a gradual and slow approach toward your puppy.

5. Give Him Comfort

The higher the comfort level you create for your puppy, the more will your friendship with him. Sleeping alone can sadden him. So make sure to provide such a comfort level that he does not feel alone.

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You can take the following steps:

  • Make sure that his area is cozy and comfortable with soft and tiny toys so he can play.
  • You can provide them with soft and warm items like heating pads or blankets.
  • Moreover, you can soothe him by playing some calming music for dogs.

6. Make an Appealing Crate For Him

You should not offer a rough, boring, and plain crate to your dog. Instead, an appealing, well-stuffed, and cute crate can appeal to your dog to sleep at his place.

7. Make The Best Use of Visual Barriers

You should use visual barriers like sheets to put outside the crate. This will make your puppy able to comfort himself on its own.

8. Spend More Time With Him

You should give your spare time to spend with your puppy so he can build a bond with you. Interacting, communicating, playing, and spending time with your puppy will make your friendship stronger.

9. Teach Your Puppy

You should teach your puppy some behaviors and command him like sit, shake hands, etc. it will help you create a strong bonding with your puppy.

10. Don’t Leave Him Crying

It is highly important that you don’t leave your puppy crying. Instead, reach out to him, notice his behavior and act accordingly to soothe him.


You should create a strong bond with your puppy and several methods can help you as mentioned above to stop your puppy from crying in the crate. Visit Website

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